From commercial to residential audio and security system installation services, Sarratt Electronics & Consulting, LLC is the trusted name in Columbia, SC. View our list of services below:

  • Design:
    I earned the CEDIA Certified System Designer designation, which assures you that when I design a system it is well engineered, it will work as intended and it will be as reliable and simple to operate as a system can possibly be. Even if you have another contractor you wish to use, we can do your design and then walk your contractor through the entire process, so you will get the best results possible.
    Do you need the best, latest information so you can make an informed decision about the features that will benefit you most? Do you have a problem with a system someone else installed? Do you wish to learn as much as possible and then do things yourself? Book an hour or more of my time and you will be amazed at how my knowledge and experience can help you!
    After 34 years in the industry and thousands of hours of seminars, trainings and trade shows, I'm proud to be a dealer for the best products in the business. I also have access to 99% of the rest of the products in the industry. My pricing is the same or better than any of the big-box stores on everything I sell, but I offer much more knowledge and better advice.
    We are proud to have the very best installation department in the business. Our lead installer has been with us for many years and we are confident there is no one better. We arrive on time, get the job done, teach our customers how to use the system and patiently answer all questions. When we leave your home, it will be at least as neat and clean as it was when we arrived.
    Soundproofing and Sound Treatments:
    The most important component in any audio/video system is the room where it is located. You can prove this by turning your battery powered boom box on inside your home and then walking outside with it, or walking into a different room. The change in sound quality will be dramatic and it is 100% due to the affect the room has on the sound. I have taken many hours of world-class instruction on both soundproofing (how to reduce or eliminate the sound that transfers from one room to another) and room acoustics (using sound treatments to optimize the quality of sound). Many will tell you this is the best part of the jobs I have done for them.
    Home Theater and Media Rooms:
    Whether you want to have a family media room with excellent picture and sound on movies, sports and music, or a real theater with stadium seating, a lobby with popcorn machines and movie posters in your home, no one in the area has more experience designing and building the best performing, easiest to use media rooms and theaters than we do at every price point.
    Multi-Room Audio Systems:
    From simple single room systems to elaborate whole-home, multi-zone systems, we do it all. We also install high-end listening rooms in two or more channels. If music is an important part of your life, Sarratt Electronics can design and install the right music system for your needs, your lifestyle, your taste and your budget.
    Control and Automation Systems:
    Control Systems and Automation really are the future, and no one offers more choices of proven, reliable systems to enhance and improve your life than Sarratt Electronics. Our systems operate so simply you won't believe you lived without them. Whether you wish to control your TV, DVD player, cable box or something else with a single control, or you wish to have a complete "smart home" automation system that will perform functions automatically, we create systems that allow you to control practically anything you wish – and many can make this happen from anywhere in the world. Our automation systems enhance the security, comfort and energy savings in your home without a thought from you. The simplest way to enhance your lifestyle is automation, and no one does it better than we do.
    Wiring Infrastructure:
    The wiring infrastructure in your home will in large measure dictate what lifestyle enhancements you can add now and in the future. With hundreds of hours of study and instruction from the worlds' leading authorities, our wiring infrastructure designs ensure you are prepared for practically anything that comes, now or in the future.
    With more products requiring network connections today and far more coming in the future, a robust, professionally designed network is becoming a necessity to ensure the smooth, efficient operation of everything in the modern home. Our network designs are the best engineered and researched in the area and they will give you unmatched speed, security and reliability for many years to come.
    Security Cameras:
    One of the most requested services in the last few years has been security cameras. Our systems can unobtrusively or even invisibly monitor any or all parts of your home and property. Some systems can record and archive videos and others will allow you to see the cameras live and view the recordings from any internet connection in the world. Our clients find the peace of mind provided by an intelligently designed security camera system to be priceless.
    Lighting Control:
    One of the simplest and least expensive ways to enhance your security and energy savings is through a lighting control system. Imagine if you never had to enter a dark home or bedroom again. What if the push of a single button in the bedroom could turn off all the lights except the few you wish to leave on in hallways or bathrooms? Push a single button and all the appropriate lights are on and set to the brightness you have chosen for a dinner party, to display your artwork, for entertaining or for romance. When you use a conventional light bulb at 70% of full on, you save 30% on your electric bill! And because you control the brightness of all your lighting, the look is sure to be more pleasing.
    Digital Media Servers:
    Everyone is familiar with the iPod. If you have one, you love it. If you don't have one, you want one. What the iPod has done for our music collections is to organize and manage them, enhancing our access and enjoyment. Imagine an iPod with enough capacity to hold ALL of your digital media, including CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, photographs and MP3s. Now you know what a Digital Media Server is! Just as your iPod organizes all your music, a digital media server organizes and catalogs as much of your digital media as you wish and provides you near instant access to everything. Many allow you to stream more than one option to more than one room simultaneously.