• How much does a system cost?
    Of course the cost will depend on the requirements of the buyer. We have sold and installed quality home audio systems for about $750. A basic home automation system can be installed for around $2,500. A really nice, front projection media room system can be installed for under $10,000. We design and install systems that vary in scope and range in price from the mid-hundreds to the mid-hundreds of thousands, depending on your needs, expectations and budget. Regardless of your budget, our professionals will provide you with superior design and quality that is unparalleled in the Columbia, SC area.
    Can a system work in older homes?
    We have installed automation systems in homes that were built as early as the 1800s. Our systems work beautifully and you will be delighted with the results. Sarratt Electronics & Consulting will find a video and audio installation solution to blend with your home while simplifying your life.
    Will I have to open and repair walls?
    Though it may be necessary, we rarely open walls unless there is no attic or crawl space. Automation systems are mostly wireless, so they rarely require us to open walls. Because audio and video systems require wiring, we must sometimes open walls. If this is the case, we handle the repairs and return your walls to the condition in which we found them.
    How long does it take to install?
    A simple home automation installation can take as little as 2-3 hours. A whole-house audio/video and home automation installation can take a week or longer. You will receive an estimated project completion time before we begin. Our estimates are accurate more than 95 percent of the time. If unforeseen problems arise, we will communicate this with you immediately. We will provide options, a plan to complete the project and a new adjusted cost.
    What if I cannot operate my audio or video system?
    We are very proud of our ability to craft systems that are extremely intuitive and easy to learn, keeping your needs in mind. Having installed more than 1,500 systems, we boast a 100 percent success rate!
    Can I modernize my home in stages?
    Most clients choose to do the installation in stages. They want to ensure they will be comfortable operating it first. Clients may start with an audio system, a TV/DVD/CATV and surround system, or automated control of the HVAC and lighting to be sure the system really works as well as promised. When our clients see energy savings or enjoy the simplicity that comes from controlling everything with a single remote, they call us back to do additional projects.
    How can I get started?
    Contact Sarratt Electronics, based in Columbia, SC for a free estimate and initial consultation.
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